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Ana Sayfa http://www.uzaymakina.com.tr/
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Serving The Sector Is Our Duty

Ajans Mik Publishing started the trade press publishing with MetalMakina in 1987 and it continued its activities under the name of Ajans Mik Publishing and Advertising Services Trade&Industry Co., Ltd. from 1997 until the end of 2004. Since the beginning of January 2005, it has added tourism&organization sector within its field of activities. Now it continues its business activities under the name of Ajans Mik Publishing Advertising Organization & Tourism Trade&Industry Co., Ltd.

Ajans Mik in Trade Press Publishing Field;
Ajans Mik publishes MetalMakina, Kalıp Rehberi, Hodrolik Pnömatik, Turkey Industry Magazine, Endüstri Magazin, Metalurji Malzeme and Turkey Machinery Guide.

In the advertising field;
Catalogue,brochure, bulletin, logo, digital printing and other printing works, fair and stand materials, CD copying ad panels.

Ajans Mik in Organization Field;
Organizing seminars, conferences, exhibitions.

Ajans Mik in Tourism Field;
Travel arrangements and other relative necessary works for attendance of internaltional fairs in various countries with necessary information.

Our Mission
Providing the communication in the related sector, determining the problems & finding solution to the problems, sharing its knowledge and experience.

Our Vision
Improving the quality of our services, making customer satisfaction our first priority, following the developments in the world, providing the implementation of them in our country, contribution to the improvement of our profession and out sector.

My Activity


Date First Published
September 2002



Kind Of Paper
Cover 250 gr, inside 90 gr - Glossy Paper

Dimensions of Ad Page
Full Page: 19.5x27.5 cm
½ Half Page: 12x18 cm

Respective Owner

Editorial Manager


Advertising Manager
Selver PELİT

Magazine 3.500 Copies + CD 5.000 Copies

Technical sheets and articles, scientific researches and sectorial news about Fluid Power, Control Systems and Hydraulic-Pneımatic fields.

Providing the communication within Fluid Power, Control Systems and Hydraulic Pneumatic sectors in Turkey informing the readers about the latest innovations in the sector, presenting the companies introductions and announcements.

Targeted Group

Manufacturing Managers, Sales Managers, Research&Development Department Managers of the manufacturing companies in Fluid Power, Control Systems Hydraulic Pneumatic, Ship and Construction Machinery,Textile Machinery, Sheetmetal working Machinery, Printing Machines, Plastics Packaging and Flood Machinery, Automotive & Automotive SubContracting Industry.

Hydraulic Pneumatic Magazine is reached to its readers by private/public delivering distribution services in Turkey. It is distributed to the Turkish Republic of Nothern Cyprus and abroad by PTT (Post, Telegraph and Telephone). Hydraulic Pneumatic Magazine is also distributed free of charge to visitors at domestic specialized fairs in the exchange of taking their business card.



Concessionnaire Ahmet PELİT
Editor Manager Selver PELİT
Editor Erdem ÇAĞLAYAN
Foreign Coordinator Erdem ÇAĞLAYAN
Accountant Assistant Ali BİRİM
Group of Advertisementing

Fahriye ZİYADE
Hafise ERGÜN

Subscription Responsible Ali BİRİM
Provision & Design AjansMik Ltd. Şti.
Designer AjansMik Ltd. Şti.
Officeboy Ali BİRİM
Print Hamidiye Mah. Anadolu Cd. No:46
Kağıthane / İSTANBUL
Issue Type Yerel-Süreli Yayın

General Center

Ajans Mik Publishing Ltd. Şti.
Perpa Ticaret Merkezi B Blok Kat: 11 No: 1928
Okmeydanı - Şişli 34384 İstanbul - Turkey
+90 (212) 222 93 71 (pbx)
+90 (212) (212) 222 93 74

The articles vision which publish in to our magazines belong to our editors and also the responsibility of advertisements belong to advertiser company. Nobody can use the articles and pictures of Hidrolik Pnömatik without permission.
ISSN 1303 - 6378


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